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Bench Warmer

I have been stalking and drooling over this lovely tufted bench from Restoration Hardware for months, and today, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered it! I am now eagerly awaiting the arrival of a beautiful, charcoal, vintage velvet baby.

The bench features stain-resistant upholstery, which is fantastic since it will be serving as extra seating at our dining table when we have guests. I just love the banquette-y feel of plush benches mixed in with slightly more formal seating arrangements.


When we're not entertaining, I'm going to roll this rockstar's pretty little casters all over our home. There are tons of great spots to park a bench. By a window, at the foot of a bed, near the entryway, or even floating in the middle of a room. Our custom order should be ready to ship in 5-6 weeks. I am totally counting the days!

{Image credits: Restoration Hardware, Sara Richardson, Windsor Smith, Ryan Korban, McGill Design Group}


Cheers & Ciao!

2010 was a whirlwind of madness. I can hardly believe it's over! This past year, I found myself pulled in endless directions. Ignoring intuition, I jumped into a sea of commitments and obligations, and resurfaced physically and emotionally exhausted. I did not spend nearly enough time doing the things I love with the people I adore.

Recently, I have been challenging myself to sift through the chaos and pinpoint the burdens I need to surrender. As a result, I've discovered several ambitions I absolutely must embrace in order to live a happier, healthier, better life in 2011.

- Explore & indulge in whatever inspires me and spurs my passion for creativity, and refuse to feel guilty about it just because some people don't consider it "productive" or "relevant". I will do what I love, do it often, take chances, and make it worthwhile.

- Write! I write all day long for a job that does not allow me to exercise my imagination. I will purposely allocate the time and outlets necessary for the expression of my personal thoughts, ideas, and sentiments.

- Invest all my best into the people I love, and stretch myself to the fullest in each relationship. Be graceful, generous, supportive, and kind. And remember to forgive.

- Cultivate myself professionally, and intentionally pursue opportunities that excite me and will hopefully lead to a more fulfilling and rewarding career path.

I'm thankful for a fresh start, and beyond excited for the many wonderful things that await us!

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