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Office Ours

A relaxing weekend for me doesn't necessarily involve sleeping in and lounging around all day. It's more about spending time completely immersed in something I truly love.

I'd been feeling a bit run-down lately and was in dire need of some downtime to unwind. So, this past Saturday, I shut myself in a room and just painted to my heart's desire! For fifteen hours straight. By the time I was finished, I felt absolutely refreshed, revitalized, and happy.

It is wonderful and very important to have somewhere to go and just get lost doing something you are passionate about. Our office is my favorite place to catch my breath and let my mind loose. Here's a peek inside!

As you can see from these listing photos, our second bedroom was previously an adorable little boy's room. Since we don't have any kids yet, Chris and I decided to utilize this space as a home office. This serves as a practical space for managing all our household affairs, but I like to think of it more as a studio…  a laboratory for exploring and experimenting with ideas.

This is where we come to make things happen. I love coming in here with a cup of coffee - it's always a good time. The serene atmosphere fosters a wealth of creativity and productivity.

The office is connected to the living room, so I decided to replace the original solid door with a glass paned one. This allows us to spend time alone in here without feeling completely isolated from each other. It also lets Wonka peek in when I am working on messier projects that he isn’t allowed to sniff around. After surviving the move, my pinboard is starting fresh – a blank canvas for new inspiration and mementos (and parking tickets).

This room has the best view in the apartment. All you see is trees when you look out the windows. With such splendid scenery, it is very hard not to feel inspired. What a lovely place to read, write, sew, paint, draw, sing, and pay bills! :)

With all the foliage surrounding this room, it only felt right to bring some of that green inside. This sunny corner makes a happy home for our fiddle leaf fig tree. The bench is a comfy place to hang out and read a book, and it is one of Wonka's favorite napping spots.

This is where I hoard my arsenal of crafting tools and supplies. Practical storage solutions play a vital role in keeping everything organized and Chris’ sanity in check!

And here is my finished painting! It makes me smile :) I am really looking forward to working on many more projects in this happy space.


20 x 200 = Brilliant

My heart skipped a beat this morning when I saw today's Google Offers email - $30 for $60 toward prints on 20x200! If you guys haven't heard about this site yet, you definitely need to check it out. 20x200 is an online gallery chock-full of fantastic art prints. With pieces priced as low as $20 a pop, 20x200 makes original art accessible for everyone to collect, while providing great exposure for up-and-coming artists. These affordable limited edition prints are perfect for galleries of any size and make wonderful gifts as well. 

I don't currently see anything on the site that I'm ready to purchase, but with new art being added every week, it won't be long before I spot the perfect piece to add to our gallery! In the meantime, here are some goodies that caught my fancy~

Prettymaps - NYC & Paris by Aaron Straup Cope

12 Bicycle Drawings by Christine Berrie

The Ideal Bookshelf collection by Jane Mount. Fun & cute!

Day 1: Vintage Erasers by Lisa Congdon This would make an excellent apology gift...

I probably wouldn't hang these in our home, but they made me laugh out loud.
By Craig DamrauerMike Monteiro


Prints Charming

Last night, I came home to find a package sitting by our front door. Don’t you love it when that happens? Turns out Chris had one of my favorite photos from our wedding blown up onto a gallery-wrapped canvas. This photo was taken during our first dance by our good friend, Benjamin. I love its dreamy and semi-abstract depiction of a moment that still remains crystal clear in my mind.

I’m usually pretty reserved when it comes to displaying photos of ourselves around our home, but this one definitely makes the cut! Such a thoughtful surprise from Mr. Jeng. He gets points for this one :)