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Art Distilled

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a girl who likes her drinkies. A glass of wine, an ice cold beer, a flute of bubbly... all lovely ways to end a long day. Now, here's a wonderful new way to enjoy your drink of choice (responsibly) at any time of the day!

Check out these stunning photographs from BevShots. Using a technique developed at Florida State University, these images of crystallized beers, wines and liquors were captured through polarized microphotography. 

The process begins with placing a drop of beverage on a glass slide. As the sample dries (which takes between four weeks to six months, depending on the complexity of the drink), its ingredients form distinctive crystalline patterns. Certain drinks which contain more sugar will crystallize differently than those with fewer impurities. As polarized light from the microscope is refracted through these crystals, their variations create a unique composition of spectacular shapes and colors.

The final product is a visually intoxicating blend of geek and chic. These photos are available as framed prints and canvas gallery wraps. They are such amazing conversation pieces and would make fantastic gifts for your favorite aficionado/lush. I'd love to hang the Belgian Dark Ale above the bar in our living room. Cheers!


American Amber Ale

Mexican Beer 

English Oatmeal Stout




Vodka Tonic

Piña Colada

Belgian Lambic Beer

Belgian Dark Ale

Red Wine

White Wine

Rosé Wine

Japanese Rice Lager

English Pure Brewed Lager


Sea World

Where do I begin? Jason deCaires Taylor's breathtaking underwater sculptures are nothing short of pure genius. I am obsessed.

Over 400 life-sized sculptures have been permanently anchored on the seabed of the National Marine Park of Cancún, Isla Mujeres, and Punta Nizuc. These sculptures are the first installations in Cancún's new underwater museum, Museo Subacuático de Arte.

Each sculpture was cast from a real person to represent a cross-section of Mexican society. They are formed with a special pH-neutral cement, designed specifically to support and encourage aquatic life while acting as an artificial barrier to protect nearby reefs. Some of the earlier installments are already flourishing with new coral growth, which completes the sculptures and brings them to life. In Taylor's words, "It is a symbiosis of humans and nature living in this cycle in harmony with each other."

A little eerie and spooky? Yes. Completely and utterly fascinating? You bet! Can you imagine going for a dip and coming upon these statues? I would probably freak my freak, but these living sculptures are undenyably gorgeous and spellbinding.


Just Faux Fawn

I've just finished hanging these faux taxidermy heads around our study! They add such great depth and interest, and really pop against the dark blue-grey walls. Call me a freak, but I'm absolutely fascinated with real-deal taxidermy. But if hanging dead animals on your walls feels like overkill, these modern interpretations are a brilliant way to incorporate trophies into your home.

{Image credits: Z Gallerie, Williams Sonoma Home, Michele Varian, Lee Kleinhelter, Caldwell Flake