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Sixth Fleur

I woke up to the most incredible flowers from my husband the other day. They are in celebration of our upcoming wedding anniversary, which is just a few days away! So exquisite. I can see how much thought and care was put into them.

Ever since our wedding day, marriage has been one big lesson in unconditional love. I am far from perfect, and Chris knows he is as well, yet as we bear with one another through our slew of idiosyncrasies and shortcomings, our understanding of love and grace has grown.

These past six years have transformed us, yet I can honestly say that each one has been our best year thus far.

My wish is that Chris and I can reflect this abundance to those around us as we continue to point each other towards the Cross. We have a ton left to learn - it will take a lifetime of work, but the road we have ahead of us is filled with hope and promise.

Happy anniversary, Christopher.
Thank you for the pretty blooms :)

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