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Family Tree 

Chris and I are spending the holidays at home this year. My parents will be visiting and staying with us, and I am soo excited about our first Christmas tree! Growing up in my family, the Christmas tree was a significant source of cherished memories. We’d spend Thanksgiving day setting up the tree and adorning it with trinkets collected through the years. Chris and I are really looking forward to continuing this tradition as well as starting a few of our own this Christmas.

I initially wanted to get a real tree, but heard they can be kinda high maintenance. I also don’t want to worry about Wonka getting into any fallen pine needles, so an artificial tree is probably the way to go. We shopped around this past weekend and were pleasantly surprised with the impressive quality of some synthetic trees. Although the good ones can get a little pricey, they are worth the investment and can be treasured year after year.

Of course, I’m already daydreaming about how I’m going to decorate our tree. I love themed trees, so I’ll be brainstorming motifs to keep in mind as we start our ornament collection. More later!

Happy Halloweenie

After quite the costume fiasco (I'll spare you the details), Wonka wound up in this priceless get-up. Most adorable hot dog I have ever seen! *pinch*


Tricks for Treats

I am having such a blast shopping for Wonka's Halloween costume! I don't normally dress the little guy  in outfits, but I love watching him waddle around in tiny costumes. Wonka was a duck last year. What should he be this year? :)

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