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Mirror, Mirror On My Wall

The Honeycomb mirror featured in Southern Living magazine

Remember that peacock mirror I was raving about two weeks ago? Almost immediately after posting, I started receiving tips about a very similar mirror that Pier 1 was offering at a much lower price point. It's called the Honeycomb mirror, and it has been featured in numerous blogs and magazines over the past year. The very next day, I started calling every Pier 1 in the Tri-state area to locate a Honeycomb (which was not available for purchase online), only to learn that they were sold out across the entire Northeast. Boooo.

After listening to my sob story that evening, Chris came up with the brilliant idea of calling Pier 1 stores in Indiana, where my parents live. Turns out these mirrors have also been flying off the shelves throughout the Midwest. We managed to snag the very last Honeycomb in Fort Wayne, which my parents graciously picked up and drove to New York last weekend. My dad helped me hang it over our dining table, and here it is!


What an exceptional find! It sparkles, it dazzles, and its price tag ($250, on sale for $120!) was just as easy on the eyes. I'm a firm believer in mixing substantial investment pieces with unique bargain finds to complete and personalize a home. I can't help but smile every time I look up and think of my loved ones who constantly indulge my crazy whims and worked together to get that fantastic mirror on my wall.



Our new bed has arrived, and it is spectacular! The Virgina Bed is a lovely fusion of the canopy and iron elements that I adore. Its sturdy framework makes a solid statement while the railing maintains an open, airy composition. What really made me fall for this bed was the versatility of its removable testers. They allow the frame to transform into a lower-profile silhouette. It's like two beds in one, and I am all about having options.

Elegant & Romantic
Tailored & Classic


Bed Whetting

Chris and I have been flirting with the idea of getting a bigger bed for a while. We finally took the plunge and purchased a new mattress set last weekend, and I have been trolling the market for a bed frame ever since. Statistics show the average person spends roughly 4 months of the year in bed. In our case, I'd say it's closer to 5. That's a lot of time! So, like Goldilocks, I'm looking for a bed that's "just right". The multitude of options was staggering, but I've narrowed my favorites down to 3 categories.

Canopy - I have always been mad about four-poster beds. Unadorned canopies evoke a solid presence in the bedroom, and transform magically when embellished with string lights, hanging lanterns, or drapery. How divine would it be to climb in, draw the curtains, and shut out the world at the end of a long day?

Love the stunning contrast of clean lines against a beautiful brick wall.

Upholstered - Tufted headboards exude the allure of a decadent boudoir. Nailhead trimming adds a handsome dose of sophistication. This style is incredibly romantic and refined, and extra luscious in a sleigh bed silhouette. Swooon.

Metal - I'm enamored with the streamlined, yet graceful demeanor of iron beds. The simple composition of its structure creates a neutral foundation that grants unlimited styling freedom. This timeless number would be perfect for someone as fickle as I am when it comes to bedding.


What kind of bed do you dream in?

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