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Sea Ponies

So, the aforementioned transition is taking a bit longer than expected, and I am still working from our downtown office in SoHo. It is such a pleasant neighborhood for people watching, shopping, and exploration, so I really can't complain at all.

While I was window shopping (as usual) during my lunch break yesterday, I stumbled upon a gallery showcasing the beautiful work of Roberto Dutesco. Dutesco is a world-renowned artist who is known for his stunning fashion and nature photography. I had the great pleasure of meeting Roberto, and we discussed the exhibit, titled "The Wild Horses of Sable Island".

Sable Island is a narrow, crescent-shaped sandbar - sable is French for "sand" - located southeast of Nova Scotia. Infamously referred to as the "Graveyard of the Atlantic", Sable Island is known for over 350 recorded shipwrecks that were caused its sandy landform. Over 400 feral horses, fabled survivors of those shipwrecks, inhabit Sable Island. Access to the island is restricted by the Canadian government, and only a handful of people are allowed on the island at one time in order to protect its wildlife. Dutesco was granted special permission to visit and photograph these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

I've always associated the equine species with tailored, impeccably polished, and refined elements of propriety. The unbridled freedom in these photographs left me completely weak in the knees.

The exhibit first caught my eye when I recognized the photos from some high-end interiors spreads. One of Dutesco's gigantic photos could set you back a good $60K. But get this - not only did I get to meet and chat up the lovely artist, I also walked out with some amazing autographed prints! I am so thrilled, honored, and enchanted, and cannot wait to display these magical photos in our home. What a happy, unexpected afternoon!

{Image credits: Roberto Dutesco, Jarlath Mellett, Elle Decor, Christine Lane, Moris Moreno}


Art Distilled

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a girl who likes her drinkies. A glass of wine, an ice cold beer, a flute of bubbly... all lovely ways to end a long day. Now, here's a wonderful new way to enjoy your drink of choice (responsibly) at any time of the day!

Check out these stunning photographs from BevShots. Using a technique developed at Florida State University, these images of crystallized beers, wines and liquors were captured through polarized microphotography. 

The process begins with placing a drop of beverage on a glass slide. As the sample dries (which takes between four weeks to six months, depending on the complexity of the drink), its ingredients form distinctive crystalline patterns. Certain drinks which contain more sugar will crystallize differently than those with fewer impurities. As polarized light from the microscope is refracted through these crystals, their variations create a unique composition of spectacular shapes and colors.

The final product is a visually intoxicating blend of geek and chic. These photos are available as framed prints and canvas gallery wraps. They are such amazing conversation pieces and would make fantastic gifts for your favorite aficionado/lush. I'd love to hang the Belgian Dark Ale above the bar in our living room. Cheers!


American Amber Ale

Mexican Beer 

English Oatmeal Stout




Vodka Tonic

Piña Colada

Belgian Lambic Beer

Belgian Dark Ale

Red Wine

White Wine

Rosé Wine

Japanese Rice Lager

English Pure Brewed Lager


Stair Gazing

I've got a bit of a thing for winding staircases. There is something mesmerizing about venturing through helical passageways -- the spiraling twists and turns, the escalating anticipation as you ascend, and the vertigo of acceleration as you descend. Grand entrances, kisses, arguments, fights, chases, final farewells... everything just seems more dramatic and intense within a stairwell.

I've been collecting photos of staircases and stairwells to frame or compile into a coffee table book someday. Here are a few of my favorites.

{Image Credits: Carey Primeau, K. Stuke, Randy Faris, Richard Cummins, Ed Eckstein, Michelle Falzone, Bo Zaunders}