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Happiest Race on Earth

Guess who just got back from spending five sunny days down in Orlando! I was there to support my husband and friends as they ran the Disney Marathon. At first I was pretty hesitant about skipping town during renos, but I really wanted to be there to cheer Chris on as he ran his first marathon. Plus, I reaallly needed a vacation.

I had a total blast hanging out with such a determined, inspirational, and fun-loving group! Here are a few snapshots from our trip~

4am - Up before the sun, and ready to run!

My action shot of Chris closing in on the finish line!
 Super proud of my guy :)
Getting ready to beast a scrumptious (and well-deserved) artichoke truffle pizza
Enjoying wine tastings in various Epcot countries. Disney is not just for the kiddies!

Our mini getaway was kind of a tease, and I really wish we could've had a few extra days to relax. But I really missed my puppy, and it's time to come back to reality. And to this:

Lots more to come!


Ready to Rumble

Day 1: The wall in our entryway was opened up to be framed for double closet doors

Anyone who has ever survived a properly executed renovation can attest to the extensive project management that goes on behind the scenes. Behind all the fixture shopping, paint swatches, tile samples, and floor plans lays a huge part of the equation - strategic planning, scheduling, and budgeting. I’ve been blowing up our computer with spreadsheets galore, and after a solid month of chipping away at paperwork and logistics (some of which I am still in the process of sorting out), we've FINALLY begun renovations this week!

There's no turning back now. I'm feeling excited, a bit stressed, and pretty darn nervous. I must confess that all these big changes and decisions have been triggering quite of bit of anxiety in me lately. The other night, I even had a nightmare that our entire apartment flooded and caved into the floor below. I woke up covered in sweat! I really need to quit all the worrywart nonsense and have a little more faith.

Rather than focusing on the gazillion things that could go wrong, I have to constantly remind myself how blessed I am to have a home as well as this incredible opportunity to make it our dream home. I'm going to allow this learning experience to continue to stretch me, teach me to trust my instincts, and make me a stronger person. I know it'll be absolutely exhilarating to see my vision coming to life, and I cannot wait to share it with you.

Love of My Light

Chris surprised me with this awesome beaver skull and had my bat custom framed for Christmas last week. They are so ridiculously fabulous! :) I also received this stunning light fixture as a gift, which I am totally over the moon about.

The Hicks Pendant by Thomas O'Brien is wildly popular in the interior design world, and I have been pining after this bad boy ever since the moment I first laid eyes on it. Deliciously handsome in its simplicity, this pendant effortlessly compliments a multitude of styles and living spaces. Mr. Hicks is a solid and timeless statement piece, and I have a good feeling he will be very happy in our new kitchen.

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