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Head Over Heels

Happy October! Autumn is such a delightful time of the year, and this is the month when all my favorite seasonal elements come to life. What are you looking forward to this fall?

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Because Hipstamatic Does Not a Photographer Make

I purchased this lovely DSLR camera a while back in hopes of learning how to capture beautiful pictorial stories. As a pupating shutterbug, mastering all the technical aspects of digital photography seems like an extremely daunting challenge. Luckily, I have a bunch of talented, camera-savvy friends who have offered to bestow knowledge upon me and help me understand the process. Once I get a grasp on the basics, I can start exploring the imagination, art, and science behind remarkable photography.

So far, I’ve learned that exceptional photography does not require fancy cameras and equipment. What’s truly vital is the honesty and courage to share the world through your eyes. I am curious to see what will unfold as I develop to my potential, and can’t wait to share my creative endeavors with you!


Love is Blind... as a Bat.

Most gals love receiving flowers, candies, cards, or sparkly things from their guys. I definitely enjoy all of the above, but my husband really knows the way to my nerdy heart. During our most recent date night, Chris surprised me with something really special that I’ve been ogling for quite a while.

A freeze-dried bat! How neat is that?! This is a male Brazilian Free-Tailed Bat (Tadarida brasiliensis). I cannot stop looking at it. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I have an insatiable infatuation with taxidermy. While I can certainly appreciate artistic rogue taxidermy, I simply can’t get enough of collecting scientifically preserved specimens. Call me a crazy person, but I am obsessed.

The bat is from one of my absolute favorite shops - The Evolution Store. This place is so incredibly cool. Not only is it brimming with natural curiosities,  it also has a quirky, beautifully curated aesthetic that I adore. The shop is right down the street from my office, and I am constantly swinging by to peruse new offerings. Here are some photos I snapped during a recent visit.

It is like a mini natural history museum, and everything is meticulously labeled. I mean, who wouldn’t want a fossilized cave bear skull? We’ll be bringing the bat (I named him Echo) back to The Evolution Store for custom framing as soon as I figure out which style will best showcase this fine specimen in our home.

BTW - Despite their teeny tiny eyes and nocturnal lifestyles, bats aren’t really blind. Although they rely primarily on echolocation to hunt, avoid predators and navigate dark surroundings, bats can see and are capable of distinguishing colors, shapes, and light levels.