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How gorgeous is this watercolor by Jessica Durrant? I totally have the travel bug right now and am itching to pack my bags and go somewhere. Around this time last year, Chris and I were wandering and eating our way through Italy. It’s always a thrill to see all that’s out there and broaden our horizons together. Even our trip to Punta Canna earlier this year was extremely satisfying. Although we spent pretty much the entire trip lounging poolside, sipping fruity drinks, sometimes it’s necessary to vacate your daily life and just go relax somewhere warm near some waves. If you could go anywhere in the world today, where would you go?


Happy Halloweenie

After quite the costume fiasco (I'll spare you the details), Wonka wound up in this priceless get-up. Most adorable hot dog I have ever seen! *pinch*


Tricks for Treats

I am having such a blast shopping for Wonka's Halloween costume! I don't normally dress the little guy  in outfits, but I love watching him waddle around in tiny costumes. Wonka was a duck last year. What should he be this year? :)

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