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Prints Charming

Last night, I came home to find a package sitting by our front door. Don’t you love it when that happens? Turns out Chris had one of my favorite photos from our wedding blown up onto a gallery-wrapped canvas. This photo was taken during our first dance by our good friend, Benjamin. I love its dreamy and semi-abstract depiction of a moment that still remains crystal clear in my mind.

I’m usually pretty reserved when it comes to displaying photos of ourselves around our home, but this one definitely makes the cut! Such a thoughtful surprise from Mr. Jeng. He gets points for this one :)


Family Tree 

Chris and I are spending the holidays at home this year. My parents will be visiting and staying with us, and I am soo excited about our first Christmas tree! Growing up in my family, the Christmas tree was a significant source of cherished memories. We’d spend Thanksgiving day setting up the tree and adorning it with trinkets collected through the years. Chris and I are really looking forward to continuing this tradition as well as starting a few of our own this Christmas.

I initially wanted to get a real tree, but heard they can be kinda high maintenance. I also don’t want to worry about Wonka getting into any fallen pine needles, so an artificial tree is probably the way to go. We shopped around this past weekend and were pleasantly surprised with the impressive quality of some synthetic trees. Although the good ones can get a little pricey, they are worth the investment and can be treasured year after year.

Of course, I’m already daydreaming about how I’m going to decorate our tree. I love themed trees, so I’ll be brainstorming motifs to keep in mind as we start our ornament collection. More later!

Setting the Stage

For months, I’d been hunting far and wide in search of the perfect placemats to no avail. First World problems, I know, but I'm pretty picky about these things. I wanted something that could beautifully compliment any mix of food and dinnerware without causing distraction and appearing too chunky or bulky.

Yesterday, my sis-in-law alerted me to Clothingline’s Chilewich sample sale. I’m usually wary of sample sales - the long lines, rummaging, and scrambling can get totally uncivilized. But when Talida assured me the crowd was tame and the selection was promising, I couldn't resist. (My iPhone cover is from Chilewich, and I absolutely adore it!)

I swung by after work, and I’m so glad I did! I walked out with a stunning set of Lattice placemats in Caviar. The luxurious texture creates an almost-neutral canvas with just the right hint of sparkle, and I love how its ethereal weave allows the beauty of our glass dining table to shine through. Bonus points: Chilewich is best known for creating beautiful pieces out of woven vinyl textiles, which are extremely durable and completely low-maintenance. Score!

My new placemats were a complete steal at $5 each - Barneys retails them at $20 a pop! This sample sale is running till Thursday evening. If you live/work in the area, go check it out! It’s a great opportunity to pick up some fantastic gifts for the holidays :)