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Gold Rush

I have been scouting the market for months in search of a triptych mirror to place on my vanity. Not only does this classic three-way mirror evoke feminine elegance, it also allows you to view yourself from various angles, making it a fantastic addition to any dressing table. Yet it has been exceptionally difficult to find many decent selections – most options were too small, too ornate, poorly made, sold as sets with tables, or just insanely expensive.

The Chelsea Vanity mirror from Pottery Barn Teen (PBT, who would’ve thought??) was the closest match to what I had in mind in terms of style and dimensions, but it was only available in white or green. The fact that the mirror would require a paint job in order to compliment my black vanity table made the $350 price tag impossible to justify. Nevertheless, I stalked this mirror for about half a year and nearly choked on my kombucha last week when I saw that the “Heirloom Green” had gone on sale for $87. I gladly bit the $50 delivery surcharge bullet and clicked Add to Basket.

My green mirror arrived a few days later. The delivery guy seemed a bit perplexed when I declined his offer to help with assembly, but I wanted to paint each section individually prior to joining the three panels together. I started by carefully lining the mirrors with painter’s tape and paper. After going over the frame with a fine grain sanding block and cleaning off the dust, I was ready to paint.

Spray painting is really fun and easy – just be sure to use multiple thin coats in order to achieve a smooth and even finish. Using sweeping motions, begin and end spraying away from the item in order to avoid spatters. Give each coat a few minutes to dry before applying an additional layer, and make sure you have plenty of ventilation! We were blessed with gorgeously un-humid weather this past weekend (a total rarity in NYC lately), and the paint dried within an hour. The final steps involved installing hinging hardware, removing the tape and paper, and giving the mirrors a quick wipe.

Initially, I was pretty nervous about going gold, but I’m so glad I took the risk! Its surprisingly subtle sheen completely lights up the corner of our bedroom. Here’s a peek at the final product and as well as a some of the goodies I’ve got stashed away in my glamorous new nook :)

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Happy Woofday!

Happy 3rd birthday, Wonka!
You make Mommy and Daddy so happy :)


Happy JennOpher Day!

Three years have flown by since the day I waltzed down the aisle and married my favorite guy. Surrounded by our closest friends and family on that mountaintop in the middle of the ocean, I could only describe that moment as perfection. I truly thought life couldn't get any sweeter. Little did I know, it was just the beginning. 

We have come such a long way and flourished together in this marriage. It just keeps getting better, and I am so excited about all the things we have to look forward to.

The memory of my father's speech that evening is one that I hold close to my heart. Every time I revisit these words, I feel deeply encouraged, blessed, and loved.

       "Ladies and Gentlemen, good evening. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking a long trip to witness Jenn and Chris exchanging vows, and to share the joy of their families. This is a happy moment, a moment to celebrate, a moment to reflect, a moment to look forward to the future, and most importantly, a moment to thank our Lord, who has been loving and watching us all the way.

       With my eyes closed, I vividly remember the first time I saw you, Jenn, a newborn baby girl in the hospital. Your first cries were really a beautiful song in my ear. Mom had experienced physical problems while carrying you, and doctors and friends advised us to terminate mom’s pregnancy for her health. But we decided to keep you, with our trust in the Lord.  It was indeed a prayer answered to see you born as a healthy baby. This was a humbling experience to us. I always view you and Tim as precious gifts from God. So, Jenn, let’s continue to trust in Him in whatever circumstances.

       Jenn, you are a happy girl. You always have a way to entertain yourself. You also bring joy to us and many people. I believe that’s why you decided to be a cheerleader in high school. This cheerful character is a precious gift from God. So, keep being a cheerleader of life! 

       Jenn, you are also very adventurous. We had to always keep an eye on you when we took you to the beach when you were a child. You were so curious in exploring new things and easily wandered away. Being adventurous in new experiences can bring you richness in life, if you put yourself in God’s hands.  The Bible tells us to be constantly transformed by the renewing of our mind, to test and approve what God’s will is in our lives.

       Jenn, you are also very artistic, always having fun making things pretty and enjoyable. So, Jenn, continue to exercise your gift and make your life together with Chris a beautiful art piece in God’s eye.

       Chris, I believe God must have bestowed special grace upon you to make you such an upright young man. We have liked you since the moment you called us asking our permission to date Jenn. Your phone call showed you were honest, sincere, responsible, and respectful to us. Over the years, as we have come to know more and more about you, we've realized you are indeed a young man with great integrity, and a lot of fun. We love hanging out with you, talking about our faith, or watching a Lakers game together. Chris, our new son, although we don't have memories of your childhood, we do look forward to building precious memories together with you and Jenn in the future.

       Chris and Jenn, we like the idea of having your wedding ceremony in a garden, because the first wedding in the world was in a garden, too. Besides, you know I like gardens and gardening. This garden is really a beautiful place, isn’t it? Did this garden become so beautiful by itself? Of course not! Surely it takes planning, cultivating, fertilizing, weeding, and depesting to create and maintain a beautiful garden.

       Keeping a happy marriage is very much like maintaining a beautiful garden. God has started the garden for you, and now, both of you, Chris and Jenn, are the co-gardeners; it might take sweat and tears, but with a humble heart to learn the lessons of loving and forgiving, your garden can be more beautiful than this one.

       May God bless your new life together, and may your marriage be a blessing to many others.

       Ladies and Gentlemen, once again, thank you for your love and friendship with this new couple. Let’s toast!"