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Face Time

I love sipping coffee at my dressing table every morning (Chris grinds the beans at night and sets our coffee maker to brew at 6:30am) while I primp and preen. I put on some music and take my time, savoring the peaceful moments as I prepare for another day in the world.

I also sit at the same table every evening, sipping wine as I unwind from the day. I reflect and decompress while indulging in a bit of pre-bedtime pampering, and oftentimes find myself jotting thoughts, notes, and ideas into my journal.

While these rituals may seem frivolous to some, they are essential and sacred parts of my day. I am currently working on arranging a new corner vanity in our bedroom. A vanity speaks volumes about a woman's lifestyle and personality. It is an intimate space, and I am looking forward to creating one that is both elegant and functional. Do you own a vanity? What's your favorite part of each morning/evening?

Pup, the Magic Dragon

According to Chinese tradition (and Wikipedia), 2012 marks the year of the Dragon. Dragons are known to symbolize strength, boldness, determination, and prosperity. They are also the only mythical creatures in the Chinese zodiac family! Let's make this an extraordinary year, fueled with ambition, courage, perseverance, and boundless imagination. Happy Chinese New Year! :)


20 x 200 = Brilliant

My heart skipped a beat this morning when I saw today's Google Offers email - $30 for $60 toward prints on 20x200! If you guys haven't heard about this site yet, you definitely need to check it out. 20x200 is an online gallery chock-full of fantastic art prints. With pieces priced as low as $20 a pop, 20x200 makes original art accessible for everyone to collect, while providing great exposure for up-and-coming artists. These affordable limited edition prints are perfect for galleries of any size and make wonderful gifts as well. 

I don't currently see anything on the site that I'm ready to purchase, but with new art being added every week, it won't be long before I spot the perfect piece to add to our gallery! In the meantime, here are some goodies that caught my fancy~

Prettymaps - NYC & Paris by Aaron Straup Cope

12 Bicycle Drawings by Christine Berrie

The Ideal Bookshelf collection by Jane Mount. Fun & cute!

Day 1: Vintage Erasers by Lisa Congdon This would make an excellent apology gift...

I probably wouldn't hang these in our home, but they made me laugh out loud.
By Craig DamrauerMike Monteiro